Awards  2023


Canadian Society for Horticultural Awards - 2023


Top-Cited Paper in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science:

“Evaluation of selected cider apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) cultivars grown in Ontario. II. Juice attributes1” (authors Plotkowski, Derek J.; Cline, John A.).

2023 Tri Society CSHS Student Oral Presentations Awards:  

First - Sparsha Chada, Dalhousie University, "Central carbon metabolic response to Mexican mint to varying watering regimes"

Second - Meaghan Mechler, University of Guelph, "Mitigating apple replant disease with biocontrol soil treatments"

 Third - Natalie LaForest, University of Alberta, "Investigating the role of Pterostichum melanarium in agriculture pest predation in wheat and hemp".

2023 Tri Society CSHS Student Poster Presentations Awards:


Sarah Koeppe, University of Guelph, "RNA interference against fungal pathogens protects horticultural and crop plants" The photo received form Youbin has low quality.