CSHS Awards - 2006


  • C.J. Bishop Award
    In recognition of the best horticultural paper published on fruit the Canadian Journal of Plant Science in 2005

    V. M. Glass, D. C. Percival, and J. T. A. Proctor
    Tolerance of lowbush blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.) to drought stress. I. Soil water and yield component analysis. Can. J. Plant Sci. 85: 911�918.
  • Plant Products Co. Ltd. Award
    In recognition of the best horticultural paper on ornamentals published in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science in 2005

    Claude Richer, Jacques-Andr Rioux, Marie-Pierre Lamy and Raynald Drapeau
    valuation de la tolrance aux conditions hivernales de 10 rosiers de la Srie ExplorateurMC propags par culture in vitro, bouturage et greffe sur Rosa multiflora Thunb. Can. J. Plant Sci. 85: 693-702.
  • Graduate Students Travel Award

    Nader Koohpayehzadeh - Award

Javad Hakami - Award

Javad Hakimi received his B.Sc. e in Plant Pathology from Tehran University, Iran in 1976, and his M.Sc. in Horticulture from Tabriz University, Iran in 1994. He was acting as research associate in West Azarbaijan Agricultural Research Center, Iran for 14 years, while studying the table grape and teaching horticultural in Urmia University, Iran for 4 years.
He was involved in an irrigation research project at Brock University, Ontario in 2003 and supervised the same project in 2004.
Mr. Hakimi is presently a graduate student at Brock University, Department of Biology completing his Ph.D. degree on grapes. 
He is studying the effect soil, moisture and environmental factors on Cabernet Franc while working as teaching assistantship at Brock University.


  • CSHS Best Oral Presentation and Poster Awards

First Place, Oral presentation - CSHS Session I: Fruit Production and Management
Burkhard, Nicole - NSAC, Truro NS
Effect of mulch applications on nitrogen fertility and the growth and productivity of organically managed highbush blueberry plants.

Second Place, Oral presentation - CSHS Session IV: Ornamentals and Greenhouse Production
Barry, Ryan - Univ. PEI, Charlottetown, PEI

"Developing Field Management Protocols for Atlantic Wild Roses"
Roses of the genus Rosa are found growing wild throughout the Atlantic
Provinces in a multitude of different habitats. Rose hips, the marketable
product from these roses, are a rich natural source of bioactive compounds useful in the pharmaceutical industry. Rose plant growth and development was monitored under various management treatments including mulches, compost, fertilizer, and seeding of inter-row areas. Outcomes from this project will be used to establish optimum protocols for growing these plants commercially as an agricultural crop for the Atlantic Provinces.

First Place, poster
Huber, Gwendolyn - NSAC, Truro, NS.
Determination of flavonols in apple genotypes by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry.

Second Place, poster
Pickle, Kathryn - NSAC, Truro, NS.
Do Photo-Physcial-Mechanical(PPM) pre-treatments induce defence against carrot blights (Alternaria dauci and Cercospora carotae) through endogenous hormonal signals?