Awards  2021


Canadian Society for Horticultural Awards - 2021

Certificate of Appreciation Dr.Karen Tanino

Congratulations to the following winners of the student presentation awards.

Thanks to our judges Drs. Karen Tanio, Simone Castellarin and Julie Lajeunesse for their excellent work for judging the 16 oral presentations and 3 posters. There are five excellent oral presentations, even they did not make to the top three, the judges feel strongly that they deserve honorary mention. The presenters are: Karthika Sriskantharajah, Palaniappan Ramanathan, Kenneth Eteme Anku, Victoria Rodriguez Morrison and Tharindu Lakshan Suraweera.

1. The poster presentation award ($500): Cindy Yu, Dalhousie University.
2. The 3rd place oral presentation award ($200): Duncan Giebelhaus, University of Alberta
3. The 2nd place oral presentation award ($300): Ariana Forand, University of Saskatchewan
4. The 1st place oral presentation award ($500): Cesaree Morier-Gxoyiya, McGill University