Canadian Society for Horticultural Science Awards - 2007

CSHS Best oral Presentation and Travel Award at the Plant Canada 2007 in Saskatoon

NSAC graduate student received the award for best graduate student oral presentation (under CSHS) as well as a travel award from Dr. S. Khanizadeh, the president of CSHS, at the Plant Canada 2007 in Saskatoon. 

NSAC Participated in Plant Canada 2007 
Ajit P.K. Joshi, an NSAC graduate student, won the 1st prize for her oral presentation on "Enzymatic Browning in Selected Apple Genotypes" at the graduate student presentation competition of the annual conference of Canadian Society of Horticultural Sciences (CSHS) of Plant Canada 2007 in Saskatoon. This year, six societies have held their annual meetings jointly during June 11-14th under Plant Canada, which is the federation of Canadian Plant Science societies. Ajit's co-supervisors are Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe and Dr. Nancy Pitts of the Department of Environmental Sciences.

Best Paper Awards

Elisabeth J. Botha, Bernie J. Zebarth, and Brigitte Leblon for their 

paper "Non-destructive estimation of potato leaf chlorophyll 

and protein contents from hyperspectral measurements using

the PROSPECT radiative transfer model." Published in CJPS 86:


Mary Ruth McDonald & Sean M. Westerveld received the award for best paper award (under CSHS) from Dr. S. Khanizadeh, the president of CSHS, at the Plant Canada 2007 in Saskatoon. 


Sean, M. Westerveld, Alan W. McKeown, and Mary Ruth McDonald for their paper �Distribution of nitrogen uptake, fibrous roots and nitrogen in the soil profile for fresh-market and processing carrot cultivars.� Published in CJPS 86: 1227-1237.

Graduate Student Poster Award

Title: "Essential Oils as Sprout Inhibitors and Their Effects on Potato Seed Tuber Performance" - Xin Zong (winner and first Author), K. Tanino (second author and advisor) and C. Nesser and M. Bondara (other authors).